Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Owl Hat

A few months ago an old friend of mine asked me to make an owl hat for her baby girl like one she saw on Etsy. Since I had made a hat for her older son when he was born, I knew her baby girl was due for one!

Of course in my large stash I found just the right yarns and after searching the Internet, I had a handful of patterns and ideas to use.

I actually had not crocheted in awhile - I had to look up the definitions to make sure I was doing it right! I restarted the hat part multiple times due to miscounting and also unsureness (is that a word?) of how big a child's head is. Then I couldn't get just the right ears (they were too floppy or looked like horns) and I put the hat down for something like 2 weeks.

After much stalling, I sat down one afternoon and just finished everything up! The eyes, the nose, the tassels, the flower... they went so quick!

I have to say I LOVE this hat. After much declaration early on that I would not make this hat again, I was practically ready to whip up another one for some unknown recipient.

The original hat had a blue flower but this pink, white, and purple yarn was just calling from my stash to be used!

Ta da!! What do you think?

I sourced many patterns and made some stuff up along the way so I don't have a definitive pattern should you want your own. I do however, remember which yarns I used!
Black, pink, & orange: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
White: Red Heart Super Saver
Multicolor: Lily Sugar 'n Cream