Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Owl Hat

A few months ago an old friend of mine asked me to make an owl hat for her baby girl like one she saw on Etsy. Since I had made a hat for her older son when he was born, I knew her baby girl was due for one!

Of course in my large stash I found just the right yarns and after searching the Internet, I had a handful of patterns and ideas to use.

I actually had not crocheted in awhile - I had to look up the definitions to make sure I was doing it right! I restarted the hat part multiple times due to miscounting and also unsureness (is that a word?) of how big a child's head is. Then I couldn't get just the right ears (they were too floppy or looked like horns) and I put the hat down for something like 2 weeks.

After much stalling, I sat down one afternoon and just finished everything up! The eyes, the nose, the tassels, the flower... they went so quick!

I have to say I LOVE this hat. After much declaration early on that I would not make this hat again, I was practically ready to whip up another one for some unknown recipient.

The original hat had a blue flower but this pink, white, and purple yarn was just calling from my stash to be used!

Ta da!! What do you think?

I sourced many patterns and made some stuff up along the way so I don't have a definitive pattern should you want your own. I do however, remember which yarns I used!
Black, pink, & orange: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
White: Red Heart Super Saver
Multicolor: Lily Sugar 'n Cream

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Light Change

Things have been busy - so sorry for the lack of posting! I'm really hoping to do better. If only thinking about the blog were the same as writing it.

Since overhauling the office, we've done just small projects around the house including one I've had on my list for the sunroom.

In an older post I had mentioned how I wanted to change the light over the table to a drum shade. Well, presto chango!

New light!

I had originally envisioned a circular drum shade but when we were at Lowe's, they had an oval shaped one as well. Since our table is oval it seemed like a nice change from the ordinary.

We made a few other subtle changes - mainly taking away the table cloth (the pattern seemed too busy) and removing the leaf and 2 chairs from the table.

We are really happy with the results!