Monday, April 25, 2011

The Craft Room

Even before buying this house, I had really wanted a craft room! It would be a place to store all my yarn and fabric and beads and other crafty necessities. I could set up the sewing machine and not have to worry about hijacking the dining table. I would have a little corner to sit and knit and look through crafty mags. It would be so fabulous!

Thankfully our house, with its four bedrooms, lent itself quite accommodating for a craft room. I claimed the smallest bedroom for this honor!

In the beginning, it was yellow with lacy curtains. Since a redo on this room wasn't high on our list, we actually had a few guests stay in this room as is.

In July/August 2010, while Eric was traveling and apparently I was bored, I decided it was time for this room to get its makeover! I gutted the closet (it was just a rod and shelf) and installed an adjustable shelving system. I painted the ceiling, trim and walls. There had been some water damage near the window and it took a LOT of spackle and sanding (repeat 20 times!) before I deemed it bearable (I am a bit of a perfectionist).

I managed to take the room and closet doors off the hinges for painting and figured while I was at it, I would do the closet door in the guest room. The inside of the door had some hand prints. My guess is it was the daughter of the previous owner and her friends. I think they painted the guest room themselves (in the lovely pink/purple combo!).

I felt kinda sad when I painted over this for painting over someone's memories!
I suppose the scary part of this is I painted my craft room purple (my favorite color) and it was actually kind of similar to what the scary guest room used to be...

Done painting... photo without flash
I was really unsure about the color after realizing this and also, since it is a small room I was afraid the dark color would make it even smaller!

Originally I had envisioned a tealish/aqua craft room but the office was sort of a faint aqua and the guest room was a light green and the bedroom was blues so I was afraid of having my whole upstairs being blues and greens. Purple it was.

I moved in some furniture going for white/grey accents.

I love the Expedit units from Ikea and was so sad when we had to leave ours at the condo (though the thought of taking it apart and transporting it made me less sad). I was so happy to find this white one in the as-is section for half off... and the table attachment was only $7!!

I didn't want to overwhelm non-crafty folks with my extensive yarn stash so only the top row has yarn in it. The rest is mostly knitting/sewing books/magazines and notions.

I had pictured a chair where the little white bookcase was and got my chance when we bought some new chairs for our master bedroom last month. I moved the poang chair in here and the white bookcase to the guest room.

One of my other specifics for this room was that we can still have guests in here and with the desk to one end, we can move out the chair and pump up the aerobed for company!

I love having my craft room but other than storage, I don't actually hang out in it a lot! The puppy is pretty much under constant supervision so I can't hole myself up here for days at a time to sew or knit. I thought at some point when we decided to let him upstairs (ie he has no more accidents) he could come hang out with me, but actually going upstairs makes him very nervous/excited/overwhelmed and he can't bring himself to do it. Last time we gave him a bath, Eric had to carry him up and down. We couldn't even lure him with treats.

But back on topic, I still love my craft room. I would love to see yours! Or maybe just the corner where you craft. Is it totally inspiring?

PS Paint is "Lazy Afternoon" by Benjamin Moore

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  1. Teal/Aqua? With an Expedit? It's because, deep down, you KNOW you wanted to have the twinkie of my craft room. Don't deny it. :P :P :P

    I LOVE the purple! And what a great Ikea find!

    We keep an Aerobed in my craft room, too. Although, between the sewing machine table and the table in the middle (for laying things out, cutting, etc.) there's quite a bit of shuffling to do to use it. Also, the cats get to use it, too (dog-free room).

    Yay for craft rooms!

  2. oh my gosh! What a HUGE transformation! I LOVE the purple and grey together. It's such a fun, vibrant, yet relaxing space. NICE JOB! (PS- I have that expedit book case too (! Aren't they amazing! I keep thinking that I need to find another way to incorporate another one into our house!

    PS- hopping over from houseography!

  3. Aerobeds make for great guestrooms and generally more comfy than a sofa bed. My dad chooses the aero over the brand new guestroom mattress - weird! Thanks for linking up your awesome space to the HOUSEography House Tour Party!!!

  4. it's really nice you have an entire room devoted to crafting!! I love that! The purple and grey are great together, and I love that area rug! Just visiting from Houseography house tour!! Be back soon!

  5. that looks wonderful!!1 love the fun colors and organization. i have the same rug in my bedroom. love it!

  6. Ooh! I love what you did with the space! The wall color is so punchy and fun. And I am a sucker for the Expedit too! Lucky you to have found it at a deal! Love your space! {visiting from the HOUSEography link party :)}

  7. Beautiful space--love the colors you selected. Too fun!!

  8. @Melissa at HOUSEography

    Ha! When my mom and sis came to visit once I let them have my bed but frequently I would find my mom trying to take the aero bed instead!

  9. @Noelle Thank you! The rug is from Ikea and only $20! Can't beat that!

  10. @Shanna

    It's silly how such a simple bookcase can be so exciting. I admit I have spent time going through flickr looking at other peoples Expedits. :-)

  11. @Shannon

    Thanks! I feel so much better about the color now with all the comments!