Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter!

I consider myself ready for Easter... from a crafting standpoint of course! Never mind I still have Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff up on mantle (I did at least put away the pine cones).

I crocheted some Easter egg cozies! It sounds very grandma-ish but you have to admit, it's super cute.

I believe the pattern was meant for regular hard boiled eggs but I used large plastic ones. I ended up having to add 2 rows to the main body to cover them all the way.

These were quick to make which is why I actually met my deadline and they are on their way to California (for my sister).

The inside of one holds gummy bears and the other has some summery Paul Frank magnets. I wasn't sure anything chocolate would survive the journey!

The pattern is free from Lion Brand (sheep here, bunny here). You have to sign up but it's free.

The white yarn is Red Heart Super Saver, the grey is Lion Brand Wool Ease, and the black is some random acrylic (maybe Red Heart Super Soft? Is that even a real yarn or am I making it up?).

Next week I'll have a post about my craft room!

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  1. Very cute! Have you seen a knitted version of these? I might have to learn to crochet just so I can make some for next year.